How to Get Free PayPal Money

It always feels nice to get some extra dollars without putting in a lot of effort, and no better way than through PayPal. PayPal presents lots of credible avenues through which you can land a dollar or two without breaking a sweat. If you are wondering how you can earn extra cash through PayPal, there are a few recommended means that could lead you home. You can bag easy PayPal money by conducting online surveys on select sites, through cashback apps and plugins, joining select groups, or even doing some online shopping on specific sites get paid online free no surveys.

Nevertheless, the word free does not imply you will get a completely free pass; you have to offer something in return. You have to sell or provide a specific service to land free dimes. However, how first you gain depends on the kind of endeavor you are engaged in.

Survey websites are among the most outright pathways through which you can make a deserved PayPal dollar. These allow you to conduct surveys on your devices, and they reward you for your time, opinions, and feedback. Survey sites are not complicated; you can easily sign up and navigate effortlessly. Some of the most common survey sites in this regard include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and PrizeRebel, among others.

You can also make easy money by running cashback apps or websites. These allow you to retain a purchasing percentage should you shop on them. Moreover, they offer beneficial coupons upon purchasing them. Among the most credible most popular cashback sites are Rakuten, MyPoints, Ibotta, Receipt Hog, and Dosh.

Do you know you can make some free PayPal money by having a good time with online games or performing easy tasks? Well, there are sites that pay you for conducting surveys, shopping online, playing online games, or trying out new products. Relevant websites in this sphere include InBoxDollars, MistPlay, MobileXpression, and S’more.

With PayPal, whatever skill you possess or any useless items could be a way to earn you something. There are several platforms by which PayPal allows you to earn through. If you are a jobless artist, graphic designer, writer, among other skill sets, PayPal offers you a chance to earn cash from such. Even better, if you have unused valuable items at home, you can put them up for sale on these platforms and earn accordingly. Some of the common platforms through which you can earn easy PayPal money include Fiverr, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, ThredUp, Decluttr, and Bookscouter.

PayPal Money Scams

Like other online endeavors, PayPal Money is susceptible to the con game. As you browse, it is hard not to come by adverts purporting to generate free money into your PayPal account. Such is a trap that will either lead to you downloading malicious malware or getting conned of your hard-earned money. Scammers can also create false PayPal apps which they use to harvest your details in a bid to steal from you. In another sphere, the scammers steal your email addresses and sell them to companies that proceed to fill your inbox with spam messages. The most recognized scam is the PayPal Money Generator.

How Does the PayPal Money Generator Operate?

Also known as the PayPal Money Adder, this is the most inviting yet deceiving scam online. For starters, this is a fraud, and although it adopts the real PayPal’s name, it has nothing to do with the real brand. This app promises to drop dollars into your account miraculously. In some instances, they may ask you to pay some cash for the alleged service, but they also offer it for free and ask you to download it and install it into your devices. If you are privy to real PayPal warning alerts, the real brand will not ask you to incur any cost to download their app.

The operators of these scams have devised means through which they entice their victims. They tempt you with the promise of depositing free money into your PayPal account, but in the real sense, you get nothing. Even worse, to convince you beyond doubts that they are legit, they establish appealing review websites that endorse them. Consequently, as you research the app, you get deceiving fake praises of the whole fraudulent endeavor.

How to Report PayPal Money Generator Scam

Anybody can fall prey to this scam hence the need to create awareness. Share widely with your friends and family through social media platforms and warn them accordingly. You can also report directly to the Federal Trade Commission on their official website if you encounter these scammers.


If you are up for some extra cash, PayPal presents you with the priceless opportunity to do so in the comfort of your device. Even better, you do not have to incur a lot of effort; the tasks you need to do are easy and are not time-consuming. Whether you are shopping online or selling your items, there are enough ways to bag some PayPal money.