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The introduction of 4G technology has changed the way we use the internet. A few years ago, no one could have imagined about live-streaming HD videos and attending business meetings online on a mobile phone could be possible. 4G is the fourth generation broadband cellular network that has succeeded in 2G and 3G networks. Launched first in 2012, its popularity grows unmatched to its predecessors across the globe has now become the most preferred network choice.

How 4G Works and What Gives it an Edge Over 3G?

Just like its predecessor 3G, 4G is a protocol responsible for sending and receiving data. The data is transmitted in the form of packets, which means the data is broken up, and the different parts of data are sent separately. Being entirely IP based, unlimited 4g hack protocols for the transmission of voice data, thus providing a better experience to the user by avoiding the scrambling of voice data.

Latency time is reduced on 4G networks, thus allowing online gamers to have a hassle-free online gaming experience without any delays in the entering of the commands by gamers and their execution. Games like PUB-G could not have been possible on 3G networks due to its relatively high latency time.

Another feature of 4G, which gives it an edge over its predecessor 3G, is its ability to handle higher traffic. A 4G network can handle a higher number of users compared to a 3G network, even at peak times.

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